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There are three general types of Metal roof system applications:

  • Architectural metal panel roof systems to shed water off steep-sloped roofs
  • Structural metal panel roof systems with hydrostatic (water barrier) characteristics especially for low-sloped roofs, but also suitable for steep-sloped roofs

Metal roofing is a preferred alternative for sloped roofs, especially when durability and weather resistance are major concerns. The different systems are engineered not only to accommodate the slope of a structure's roof, but to provide pleasing aesthetics, since these roofs are often visible from the street level.

Architectural Sheet Metal is a specialized type of metal roofing, usually involving steep slopes. These roofs feature custom fabricated sheet metal flashing and trim and are often used for historic, retrofit projects. We use various gauge metals and various metal types, from pre-finished galvanized steel and aluminum to copper, stainless steel, lead and coated copper.

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